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Emerging Tech Unpacked 2024

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“As the global economy has faced a great deal of uncertainty in recent years, companies are putting significant resources into artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI, as many expect to see an almost immediate impact, as well as these benefits continuing down the line.”
Matt Cloke, CTO, Endava 


What makes business leaders invest in certain technologies? 


The pace of technological progress has reached unprecedented levels where fads quickly rise in popularity and shrink to irrelevance just as quickly. Faced with this reality, it’s critical for organisations to determine what ideas have transformative properties and what is just a flash in the pan. 


We looked into 16 pivotal technology trends, initiatives and concepts to build a complete picture of what's next.


Our report uncovers a pattern where business leaders are focused on technology offering near-term benefits and are more hesitant to invest in projects involving more speculative technology. As a result, they are drawn to emerging technologies like generative AI, predictive analytics and big data for their digital transformation projects and operational efficiency. 


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