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Leveraging data in insurance: developing an effective data + AI strategy

The past decade has seen unbelievable changes in how we live, shop, work and communicate. But in insurance, change has been slow coming, not least around data.  

And this is a big problem because data is, and always has been, the industry’s lifeblood. Data holds the potential to revolutionise how insurers assess risk, sell their services and scope new opportunities.

 In this e-book, we’ll examine why insurers still find it so difficult to embrace data, what this means for competitiveness in a world of digital trailblazers and why change is inevitable and how AI can help transform it into actionable insights in ways that were unthinkable ten years ago. You’ll read about:

  • Data: an organisation’s most important asset
  • The pressures on firms to create well-considered data strategies
  • If data is so important, what’s holding firms back?
  • How to create a well-considered data strategy
  • We need to talk about AI
  • Common insurance use cases where AI yields the biggest benefits

Download your insights today and see how to define your data roadmap and realise your ambition with the help of AI.

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