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Observability for Asset-Intensive Businesses

As asset-intensive businesses adopt digital transformation and automation programmes, new classes of OT and IT Systems are emerging. Yet many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to observe and manage the complexity of these evolved systems.

Systems observability is an evolving field within IT, one where IT operations traditionally use detailed diagnostic data from servers and applications to assess their components' conditions. However, the practices used in IT observability do not offer a structured approach to fulfil the specific insight requirements of OT systems or the individuals responsible for business processes.

In our new whitepaper, "Observability for Asset-Intensive Businesses," we've defined a unified path for approaching, defining and communicating about observability.

The document will cover:

  • The importance of observability for asset-intensive businesses

  • Models of observability maturity

  • Observability conceptual examples

  • Observability maturity model benefits


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