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Empowering Industries With Agentic AI

Data-first solution for transparency and traceability

Advancing business evolution with multi-agent autonomous teams

We believe in the power of advanced technology to solve complex business problems and challenge existing expectations. AI is poised to create limitless opportunities in the market, and our perspective and philosophy on its potential led to our creation of an innovative agentic AI industry accelerator that we internally call Morpheus. 


Combining the power of data and multi-agent autonomous teams, our first-of-its-kind AI solution marks a significant step in applying advanced large language models (LLMs) to highly regulated sectors. Through its unique design, fields like healthcare, financial services, insurance and private equity can implement AI-driven innovation while adhering to strict data transparency requirements. 

LLM- and cloud-agnostic, it enables an entirely new way of thinking about autonomous teams, removing constraints and freeing up valuable people inside a business to do more meaningful work.  

AI-driven transformation built on solid ground

Three foundational themes

Shifting to a model focused on data integrity offers greater trust and flexibility for businesses. Our accelerator embody this fresh approach, founded on the notion that initial inputs may not be flawless but can evolve into reliable and actionable assets through processing, enabling more impactful outcomes.  


Moreover, transparency and governability reign supreme in tightly regulated sectors. Within our accelerator, each data interaction is meticulously logged, tagged with metadata and fully transparent, allowing verification of actions, timing and rationale for complete clarity. 

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What sets our agentic AI solution apart?

Data-first approach

Operationalising tools and LLMs alongside data ensures that everything is transparent, recorded and auditable.

Adhering to strict regulations

Greater data transparency makes it the ideal solution for industries rooted in strict compliance and regulation.

Multi-agent teams

Groups of agents work together to accomplish more than one alone – handling complex challenges and workflows.

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By bringing in our wealth of engineering and data science expertise we strive to turn the mystery of AI into something that is transparent and auditable for those industries that need it most.

John Cotterell

Chief Executive Officer, Endava

Multi-agent teams represent a significant advancement in AI technology, and we believe there are limitless possibilities as to its long-term application.

Matt Cloke

Chief Technology Officer, Endava

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