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Announcing a New Era of Enterprise Transformation

Modernisation through patented automation

Modernisation without risk

Decades of cross-industry collaboration, listening to our clients and analysing their real-world problem domains, has resulted in the creation of a truly unique approach. We use patented technology that facilitates a low risk and controlled end-to-end transformation of your legacy systems, through data-driven decision making.  

The cornerstone of our modernisation approach is an in-depth analysis of legacy technology assets. This analysis is led by data driven automation, reducing the impact on your team and vastly increasing the speed and accuracy of delivery.  


Client subject matter expertise will be used to validate findings, once produced, not help produce them. The perfect symbiosis of technology and humans.  


This approach has been proven again and again, over the last ten years, with over 100 clients, across more than 300 systems and analysing over 500 million lines of code across many different technology stacks. 


From healthcare and insurance to payments and banking to airlines and automotive – we can power your transformation with data and provide a roadmap to future architecture. 

Data-driven transformation to modernise your tech stack

Our bespoke data-led approach not only re-engineers legacy technology but processes too, leveraging existing static assets – source code, log files, config files, etc. – delivering that true comprehensive transformation that will evolve with agility.  


By ensuring a thorough renovation of front and back-end systems, you not only empower your business to begin successfully building complex processes that will shape your organisation’s future, but can show tangible control of your risk profile for audits.  


Our technology will provide insight into your legacy systems that will entirely re-shape how digital transformations are viewed.  

Why it works?

Four core steps to modernisation

Step 1

We run a rigorous and highly automated analysis that comprehensively identifies and validates the system's existing functionality and data against business and technical requirements, identifying gaps and challenges. 

Step 2

Our dependency mapping software finds and analyses the impact of changes in applications and infrastructure across the entire enterprise.

Step 3

Patented technology driven by automation builds dependency maps, user authority profile mapping, predictive analysis, code and test case generation, reducing the significant risks and speeding up the renovation timeline.

Step 4

Complete infrastructure optics provide constant, full-scale, end-to-end evaluations of steady-state data center environments to enhance efficiency, reliability, dependability and security through automation. With embedded automated intelligence to continuously document the progress of transformation, our approach ensures precise status updates and tracks the evolution of the system accurately. 

How it works?

Transformation built on strong foundations

  • Patented automation
    Uses patented solutions and cutting-edge technology to automate labour-intensive tasks, improving efficiency across the board.
  • Playbooks
    Employs mature playbooks built on proven methodology for swift deployment, ensuring rapid and reliable integration and execution.
  • Expertise
    Leverages a diverse team of global and cross-industry experts, to provide deep domain knowledge, broad experience and ensure around the clock support. 

Our data-led enterprise modernisation approach, combined with our cross-industry expertise delivers not only high-speed, accurate and risk-free transformation, but also provides a versatile solution able to adapt to a wide range of organisational needs and industry-specific challenges.

Matt Cloke

Chief Technology Officer, Endava

By embracing a data-driven approach and comprehensive automation, we de-risk the enterprise modernisation journey. We do this whilst increasing accuracy, quality and speed to market, optimising costs and effort, and deliver high-speed, large-scale transformations without any holdups.

Tore Carlson

VP, Business Development, Endava

Enterprise modernisation in a nutshell

The only approach for true enterprise modernisation

Data-driven approach

Minimised risks and enhanced decision-making through data-led modernisation

Comprehensive automation

Enhanced speed and reliability by automating processes reducing human error

Industry agnosticism

Versatile solution for diverse organisational needs and industry-specific challenges

Risk reduction

Safeguarded modernisation processes ensuring safer system updates

Speed and accuracy

Speed up timelines and sharpen financial projections and workforce

Cost efficiency

Significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency

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