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Google Cloud + Endava

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Top-of-the-line cloud initiative execution

As a trusted Google Partner, we specialise in harnessing the power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for advanced data analytics and machine learning solutions. Leveraging GCP's robust infrastructure and advanced services, we empower organisations to unlock the full potential of their data by providing actionable insights and optimising processes.  


Utilising GCP tools such as BigQuery, Dataflow and AI Platform, we enable businesses to efficiently process, analyse, and derive valuable insights from their data at scale. Through successful engagements and proven outcomes, we help our customers drive innovation, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. 

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Cloud-based business excellence powered by machine learning

Companies that have unlocked their true efficiency potential do so on the back of machine learning. We integrate ML into Google Cloud’s cutting-edge capabilities, enabling solutions to solve complex business issues and deliver successful outcomes such as:

    • Protection from financial fraud - In conjunction with Vertex AI, we deploy a real-time detection tool that uses volumes of algorithms and data to proactively identify fraudulent transactions, saving safeguarding customer data, protecting revenue streams and fostering customer peace of mind.
    • Accurate, efficient customer onboarding - Our Google Cloud-powered onboarding tool uses smart integrations erase the tedium from onboarding without sacrificing accuracy. The solutions peruse important documents for critical customer information to expedite onboarding and bring value to consumer relationships quicker.
    • Proactive customer retention - Engaged, qualified customers are the lifeline of any business. Funnelling customer data through batch-mode TensorFlow ML models helps spotlight customer attrition candidates so companies can get out in front of addressing concerns, keeping them in the fold and protecting bottom lines.
    • Augmented customer interactions - Google Cloud’s built-in speech-to-text, Vertex AI and LLM integrations to craft transcriptions, insights and customer suggestions to better inform customer communication. The platform can help decrease back-and-forth and add to the overall customer experience.
    • Optimised retail operations - With Google Cloud’s AI-powered recommendation and retail search functionality, you can analyse customer data, point them to relevant services and products and even show them how something might fit or look on them. This extra mile can, again, bolster the impression brands make with buyer
    • Conversion anticipation - Why stop at using data to understand why customers buy or why they leave? Through BigQuery ML, we can study behaviour unrelated to a transaction to better understand what might nudge them to finally make a purchase. Findings can help

      build targeted marketing campaigns, address pain points and convert leads into customers.

Google Cloud success stories

Leverage your businesses with data analytics

Cloud capabilities instil data analytics initiatives with the security and clarity needed to push businesses to new heights. Built atop a cutting-edge, scalable infrastructure, the Google Cloud Platform informs enterprise users and arms them with the insights to make those next-level organisational decisions. Valuable features include:

    • Substantial migrations - The Google Cloud platform can host high-profile data migrations through automated capabilities that use infrastructure-as-code and continuous pipelines that prioritise efficiency and minimise disruptiveness.
    • Volume forecasting - Challenges related to volume forecasting can be rectified through Google Cloud’s assortment of data oversight tools so projects can be better documented, accounted for and executed.
    • Fraud detection - Google Cloud’s advanced fraud protection resources allow data inconsistencies to be spotted sooner and not disrupt project progress.
    • Geolocation analysis - Automated data input powered by Google Cloud decreases manual input error that plagues geolocation, keeping customer satisfaction and optimised process a priority.
    • Team support - We work with your team to understand its specific cost efficiency and performance goals to ensure the Google Cloud services empower you to best address these and other company objectives.
    • Improved onboarding insight - The Google Cloud Platform is equipped with resources that can better serve data oversight as it relates to incorporating information into new or existing repositories.
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