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"At Endava, we eagerly embrace technologies that empower people and pave the way to the future. AI is the technology that captivates my enthusiasm, ushering in a new era of business possibilities and enabling individuals to achieve their highest potential. Adopting AI requires a deep understanding of its nature, which is why I believe businesses should thoroughly consider opportunities and challenges before choosing the type of AI that best aligns with their needs.  

With a solid understanding, well-defined objectives and the right partners, they should be equipped with everything to seize the opportunities on the horizon."

Matt Cloke
Chief Technology Officer, Endava

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Transformation across industries


Emerging Tech Unpacked 2024: All Eyes on AI

Our recent report reveals that artificial intelligence is a top priority for operational efficiency as business leaders want immediate benefits from technology amid economic uncertainty. Just 1% of respondents are unfamiliar with AI, and less than 3% say it’s irrelevant to their business. Curious to learn more?

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AI in Pharma: How Machine Learning Is Revolutionising Every Step in Drug Development

AI is revolutionising every step of drug development from discovery to manufacturing. Learn what’s changing and what it means for the industry in this article.

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The Impact of Generative AI in Financial Services

How will generative AI impact the financial services space? Find out in this webinar discussion with experts from the London Stock Exchange Group and Vectari.

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How Can Publishers and Information Service Providers Seize the AI Opportunity Responsibly

AI provides new opportunities for publishers to automate tasks, personalise content and create a competitive edge. Learn how to get started in this e-book.

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AI Agents in Gaming

Watch this exclusive webinar to learn more about the revenue-generating potential of AI agents, their impact on players, and the risks and opportunities for game productions.

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TRAVEL_FY24_AI in Aviation Hero Image

How to Seize the AI Opportunity in Commercial Aviation

How can commercial airlines seize the AI opportunity? Find ten high impact use cases to increase passenger loyalty and unlock new revenue streams in this whitepaper.

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Redefining Power and Policy: 4 Disruptive Themes in Energy and Government

Carbon net zero, electrification, smart societies, convergence – how we generate, store and consume energy is fundamentally changing. How can technology and AI help?

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Leveraging Data in Insurance: Developing an Effective Data + AI Strategy

Data opens the door to AI and the potential to revolutionise how insurers assess risk, sell services and scope new opportunities. Discover the questions you need to ask.

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How Data and Automation Improve Processes Across Retail

Physical and online retailers alike can leverage the latest innovations in AI. Read our article to discover how data and automation are improving processes across the industry.

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Unleashing the Power of Synthetic Data and Machine Learning

Learn how synthetic data supports machine learning training to help organisations make better decisions, improve efficiency and find new market opportunities.

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Join our experts as they delve into opportunities and challenges presented by AI, offering diverse insights on navigating this technology from various perspectives.

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The AI effect in numbers

Explore key insights from our Technology Acceleration report, which sheds light on how business leaders leverage the opportunities presented by AI and automation.


of organisations report revenue increases as a direct consequence of AI adoptions


of business decision-makers have already implemented AI-driven automation strategies


of organisations report revenue increases as a direct consequence of AI adoption

In the spotlight

Generative AI

Generative AI has sparked significant interest from the public, as it plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of technology and innovation.

Understanding Generative AI and When It’s Right For You

Explore how generative AI works, what sets it apart from other ML tools and how you can make the most of it.

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Delving Deeper Into Generative AI

Let's dive into the essence of generative AI along with the key benefits coming from it.

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The AI Boost in Gaming: Gameplay, Narrative and Production

Delve into the realm of AI in gaming, including diverse aspects as the added value of communicating AI agents and many more.

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Large Language Models Automating the Enterprise

Uncover various ways large language models (LLMs) can support different levels of enterprise automation.

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